b. 1855 – Alabama
Governor: 1895–1899

Culberson’s family moved to East Texas in 1856. He was a graduate of Virginia Military Institute and University of Virginia law school. He was elected county attorney of Marion County and served two terms as attorney general during which he argued several landmark federal cases, including a successful defense of the Railroad Commission.

Culberson was elected governor in 1894 and was known to be a penny-pinching conservative. Although the proposed boxing match between James Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons was the most popular event discussed, it was canceled after Culberson called a special session to pass a law making prizefighting a felony. The next year Roy Bean held an outdoor fight just across the border in Mexico. In January 1899, the House and Senate elected Culberson U.S. Senator, a position he held for 24 years.