b. 1812 – Connecticut
Governor: 1853–1857

Pease studied in Massachusetts before leaving for Texas in early 1835. After settling in Mina, he fought in the battle of Gonzales and helped write the Constitution of the Republic of Texas at Washington-on-the-Brazos. He helped write the criminal code and became the Republic’s first comptroller of public accounts. After annexation Pease served three terms in the legislature.Pease was elected governor in 1853 after a defeat in 1851. Pease pioneered efforts to create a public school system, a state university and a Permanent School Fund, and supported funding for a hospital for the mentally ill and schools for the deaf and blind. He also sought to establish reservations for the Native American population. The building campaigns for the Governor’s Mansion, the General Land Office building, the State Orphan’s Home (Corsicana State Home) and a new capitol all came about under his tenure.