This room is one of two official state bedrooms in the Governor’s Mansion. It has been designated the Sam Houston Bedroom and contains the Sam Houston Bed, as well as many items that relate directly to Sam Houston, Governor of Texas from 1859-1861. There is no information that indicates which of the bedrooms contained this bed or was used by Governor Houston, but it is thought that Mrs. Houston occupied this room during their stay in the Mansion. Due to the fact that the bed fits so well between the front windows of this room, it is possible that the bed was originally located in this room.

Two children were born in Sam Houston’s bed. Temple Lea Houston, the first child born in the Mansion, was born to Governor and Mrs. Sam Houston on August 12, 1860. Sam Houston Allred was born in the bed to Governor and Mrs. James V. Allred on March 17, 1937.

Over the years, the bed has had numerous canopies, curtains, and spreads. Today, it displays a handstitched Lone Star quilt. It has a canopy, dust ruffle, and bedspread of fabric reproducing the famous Texian Campaigne Ware china pattern. This pattern depicts the Mexican war with the United States (1846-1848) in which Texans played a primary role.

The Sam Houston Bedroom has historically been a part of the private living quarters of the Governor and his family. While it has primarily been used as a bedroom, it has also been a study for various governors. It has served as a boy’s room, a teenager’s room, and a playroom at different times in its history.


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