Spade Compotes

Circa 1830. Pair of covered compotes with under plates, decorated and marked Spode.

Astral Lamps

Pair of Bronze Astral Lamps w/Crystal Prisms

Wine Coolers w/ “State of Texas Seal”

Pair of hand-made, ornate Sheffield wine coolers with State of Texas Seal. Gift of Miss Ima Hogg in July 1943, during the Stevenson Administration.


Mantel clock, dore bronze and porcelain

Porcelain Vases

Pair of “Old Paris” gilded porcelain vases. Bequest of Marialice Shivers, First Lady of Texas.

Carved Wooden Cane

Body of cane is richly carved with leaf and diamond designs, ivory tip. Top of cane is elephant head with ivory tusks with gold tips. The base of the elephant head has a gold hand-engraved saddle blanket.

Silver and Glass Epergne

Silver plated and glass epergne This epergne once belonged to Governor and Mrs. Elisha Marshall Pease and has been passed down through the family.